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STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. launches new television show -"BELLYDANCE," in 2005.





STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. is proud to announce a new exciting TV program, "BELLYDANCE." The program is formatted in a magazine variety talk show style. A featured host will conduct interviews with guests from the dance and entertainment community.

Belly dance, a Middle Eastern dance art form, recognized as one of the oldest dance forms dating back over 2000 years. Becoming popular in America in 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair where a famous dancer - Little Egypt performed. There are many varied stories about the history of Belly dance. However, today Belly dance is performed at home for fun, at weddings, births, charitable events as well as festivals, restaurants, theatres and nightclubs worldwide.

Belly dance is fun, exciting and a great way to exercise. Our program "BELLYDANCE" will offer something different. Our show will relate to topics of various views about Belly dance, traditionally, spiritually and current beliefs. "BELLYDANCE" will promote contemporary ideas to dismiss the misconceptions about the art form. The program is about the joy of Belly dance. There's a "Rising New Stars" segment in the program, for dancers aspiring to become professional performers. Dance video performance tapes can be submitted for consideration to appear on the "BELLYDANCE" TV show.

Topics of discussions will be different for each show. Throughout the program there will be stimulating conversations, discussions and comments. Interesting topics covered are the history of belly dancing, cultural differences, styles, freedom of expression, individuality and much more. "BELLYDANCE" will present some of the best-known artists and performers in the belly dance community.

STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT's vision of "BELLYDANCE" is - to educate, enlighten and uplift. "BELLYDANCE" is scheduled to make its debut in the fall of 2005. "BELLYDANCE" is created and produced by Danny Brown and STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. Interested dance troupes and soloists, musicians, vendors; costume designers and others are invited to participate.

"BELLYDANCE" is a voice to communicate, capture the attention and address all related issues. For further information: contact Danny Brown.

STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. brings on-board Ms. Ana Berna of OFFWORLD ENTERTAINMENT and BD-TV introducing a new television program.

Ms. Berna joins Danny Brown and STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. in the capacity of Producer, As the Executive Producer of BD/TV OFFWORLD ENTERTAINMENT she has produced quality video since 1999. Ana is also a dancer and has worked in the dance community for many years.

Ms. Berna has worked with organizations such as I.A.M.E.D., M.E.D.C.A and performance artists - Alexandria King, Jillina, Anaheed, Paulina and many others.

STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. is a locally owned company with a variety of interests, including artist development, television programming and public relations. The firm has collaborated with other entities to form a viable production team, utilizing their abilities and experience to produce quality productions.

STARWAY'S experience range from Bus & Truck tours, Broadway plays, Music concerts, Music Award TV programs, and has over 25 years of management experience and entertainment expertise. STARWAY's management teams' determination has earned its right to take it to new heights of success.

The addition of Ms. Berna will add a viable talent to the Belly dance world of television productions, quality, experience and new technology in broadcasting television.

The vision of Danny Brown, STARWAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC and Ana Berna, OFFWORLD ENTERTAINMENT/BD-TV is to work jointly on innovative projects to help people experience the presence of God and continue to examine new methods of successfully reaching consumers and the general public in an ever-changing market place.

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